About me


Things I once thought I would be: actress, psychologist, radio presenter, copywriter, journalist.  What I’ve truly always been: a dreamer. Quoting one of my favourite poets, Fernando Pessoa (F.P.): 

“I am nothing. I’ll never be anything. I couldn’t want to be something. Apart from that, I have in me all the dreams in the world.”

That sums it up well for a daydreamer whose mind is a non-stop Neverland.

Born and raised in Portugal, I moved to London in 2014. For many years, all those things I wanted (to be) had to be kept on hold. Three years ago, when a quarter-life crisis hit me, I had to do what I do best - overthink. As a problem-solver who loves brainstorming and being creative, I had to find my way out of the stuck- in-reverse mode.
Long story. Short version: I’ve always been passionate about writing and since my mind is constantly making its own films I figured I should be making better use of them. 

So I wrote my first script, thinking it would be the only one. But I guess a screenplay is like a tattoo, you’re always thinking about the next one. Truly, I enjoyed it more than I expected and new ideas kept popping in my mind. I had to go along with them. Sure, there are scripts I’ll never show to anyone but those led me to the few I love and stand for.

Every now and then I write articles about whatever assaults my thoughts. You can find them on my Medium Blog.

“If I write what I feel, it’s to reduce the fever of feeling.” (F.P.)

At the moment, I’m what you can call “unpaid writer”, hopefully, one day that’ll change. On the bright side, I’ve been enjoying the creative freedom of writing what I’m compelled to. There’s nothing like the thrill of allowing our imagination to flow into the creation of something from scratch.

I’m invested in character-driven stories that show ourselves as our worst antagonists, since 95% of the time that’s what we are. I like to explore mental health issues and all the self-struggle that comes with them, as well as family connections, relationships and trauma.  My intention is to make something meaningful.  I believe art is more than entertainment, it’s a way to deliver a message; to educate; to make people feel seen, understood, represented; to evoke emotions; to bring clarity and hope. 

Mostly, I write what I want to watch and crave for - stories with layered female leads. Stories that aren’t afraid of exploring our deepest thoughts and fears. Stories that show how vulnerable we all are. Stories that address mental health and demystify it. Stories that do this while proving that inclusion and diversity are a strength. Stories that will relate to everyone struggling and hopefully inspire them to fight whatever struggle they’re facing.  

Currently, my goal is to team up with people who share the same views and make scripts come true.