For years, guilt buried her deep in a limitless addiction, breaking her reality. But when she finds out that her guilt might be based on a lie, her disorder becomes her way to piece everything back together.


Maude’s disquiet mind tries to deal with the overwhelming grief of losing a loved one. In order to cope with her unbearable pain and avoid the pressure of the outer world that seems to be falling apart, she escapes into her inner world. A pain-free zone where no guilt is allowed. A nothingness where she can make anything happen.  With an unfulfilling job at risk, her boss’s harassment only makes everything harder. As she fails to balance a world full of meaning and adventures with a life of depression and anxiety, she risks losing the only person who is still there for her, Ryan. The more he stresses to help his sister, the more he damages his marriage. All while dealing with the biggest challenge of his life, a health condition that will force him to slow down.

What could be seen as a harmless coping mechanism soon becomes a ticket to more pain and loss. And as Maude navigates her chaotic mind/life, the deeper issues are revealed.